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Back Creek Inn Crab Quiche with Sweet Corn & Tomato | Chesapeake Bites recipes

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Welcome to another delicious installment of Chesapeake Bites! As the summer sun slowly sets, we find ourselves at the tail end of crab season in the Chesapeake Bay region. But hold on, don't pack away your crab mallets just yet! Contrary to popular belief, September and October are two of the best months for savoring the sweet, succulent taste of crab. To celebrate this bounty, we're going to show you how to make a mouthwatering Back Creek Inn Crab Quiche, with a twist that includes fresh Maryland sweet corn and end-of-season ripe tomatoes. This recipe is surprisingly simple, and it's sure to impress your friends and family.

Watch the full Chesapeake Bite here:

The Secret to a Flaky Pie Crust

Before we dive into the delicious details of the filling, let's talk about the foundation of this quiche - the pie crust. Now, we understand that not everyone has the time to make homemade pie crust from scratch, and that's perfectly fine. In this episode, we used a store-bought pie crust. The trick to making it look homemade is to gently crimp the edges with a fork, giving it that rustic, homemade appearance.

The Unique Quiche Base

What makes this crab quiche truly special is the unique base. Of course, we use locally sourced eggs from Andy's Eggs and Poultry, but instead of the typical heavy cream, we're using a surprising ingredient – mayonnaise. It may sound unusual, but trust us, it adds a delightful creaminess to the quiche. Plus, mayonnaise is really just egg and oil, so it's not all that weird to be adding it to a quiche! Mix the mayonnaise with fresh eggs and a generous sprinkle of fresh thyme. The thyme acts like a fragrant perfume, infusing the quiche with an irresistible aroma.

To ensure the quiche holds together beautifully, we add a touch of flour. Don't worry; you won't taste it – it's there to prevent any runniness, ensuring you end up with a perfect, sliceable quiche.

The Cheesy Goodness

Now, let's talk about the cheese. You have some flexibility here, so go with your favorite. Whether it's gruyere, Swiss, or a sharp cheddar.... Cheese lovers, this is your time to shine! The recipe calls for 2 cups but you can cut that amount in half if you want to. It will still be deliciously cheesy! In the episode, we used a sharp cheddar that we got from Kate at Broom's Bloom Dairy.

The Delicate Flavors of Red Onion, Corn, and Tomatoes

To add depth and a hint of sweetness to the quiche, we include finely sliced red onion. It may seem like a small touch, but as the quiche bakes, the onion melds into the mixture, imparting its delicious flavor throughout.

Now, here's where we elevate the quiche for the late summer and early fall season. We couldn't resist adding fresh corn and ripe tomatoes. We sourced these gems from a local farm, Glenville Hollow Farms, and they bring an extra burst of flavor and vibrant color to our crab quiche. Just add about half a cup of each to the mixture and prepare to be amazed.

The Star of the Show: Maryland Lump Crab Meat

Of course, the star of this show is none other than Maryland lump crab meat from JM Clayton. This crab meat is renowned for its quality, and it's what makes this quiche truly special. Gently fold the lump crab meat into the mixture, being careful not to break up those precious lumps. After all, we want each bite to be a taste of pure Chesapeake heaven.

Baking and Enjoying

Transfer the mixture to your prepared pie crust and smooth it out evenly. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and then let your quiche bake for about 40 to 50 minutes. Keep an eye on it, and when it looks golden and a knife inserted into the center comes out clean, your crab quiche is ready to enjoy.


In about 45 minutes, you'll have a beautiful, cheesy, and crab-filled quiche that celebrates the flavors of the Chesapeake Bay region. And remember, you can always customize this recipe with your favorite seasonal ingredients, reflecting the bounties of your local area.

As we say here at Chesapeake Bites, get ye to the farmer's market, gather your friends and family, and savor the best that Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay have to offer. So, go ahead, give this Back Creek Inn Crab Quiche a try, and let your taste buds take a journey through the Chesapeake's rich culinary heritage.

Let's get cooking!


Serves 6 to 8


  • Pastry dough for a 9-inch single-crust, homemade or store-bought

  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten

  • ½ cup mayonnaise

  • 2 tablespoons flour

  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme

  • Freshly ground black pepper

  • 8 ounces Swiss or gruyere cheese, finely shredded (about 2 cups)

  • ½ small red onion, very thinly sliced

  • ½ cup sweet corn kernels

  • ½ cup diced ripe tomato

  • 1 pound lump crabmeat, picked over for shells


  1. Preheat oven to 350-degrees F.

  2. Line a 9-inch pie pan with the pastry dough.

  3. Combine the eggs, mayonnaise, flour, thyme, and black pepper in a bowl. Mix well. Gently stir in the cheese, onion, corn, and tomato. Then add the crabmeat and fold in very gently. Add the crab mixture into the pie shell.

  4. Bake until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean, about 40 to 45 minutes.

  5. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for at least 15 minutes before serving.

Check out our featured vendors:

To gather ingredients, we visited these vendors at Baltimore's 32nd Street Farmers Market.

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